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Band Camp drop off / parking


Turn into the front entrance of the school and proceed to the Bus Circle.

If you have already paid for band camp ($60), ALL of your forms are complete (please check the list found in Charms to confirm) AND the health form is notarized, you will simply drive through the designated check-in area, drop off your forms, your student, and 1 case of water (or $10).

If any of those things are incomplete, you will park in the bus circle and come to the registration tent to complete forms / pay for band camp / get health form notarized, and turn in / buy water for $10.

Only staff and parent volunteers may park in the red zone. Students who are driving themselves to band camp may park in the blue areas.

Parent Volunteers: Please report to the Patio/Volunteer HQ on time. This week, we will be serving approximately 700 people each day. Please park in the red zone. If you have any questions before then, contact Ivana Vergara, our volunteer coordinator, before your scheduled time.

Let’s get EXCITED! Band camp is HERE!!! Go MWB!


Need 8 helpers for each of 2 time slots from Aug. 10 to Aug. 13:

7:00 AM to 10:30 AM & 10:15 AM to 2:00 PM

This is to help with selling snack items at the school to teachers who will be at training and incoming freshman who will be at orientation.  Also, helpers will help sell lunches to teachers by taking orders and getting them their boxed lunch during their lunch hour.  It is a great opportunity for our fundraising!  Thank you for your willingness to help!

Need 6 helpers to sell WARRIOR WEAR during New Student Orientation at the school on Aug. 11 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Log into CHARMS today and let’s get to work!  See you there!

Spirit Days for Band Camp

Monday – Superhero day
Tuesday – Rock Star day
Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday ( be weird, mismatch, be creative)
Thursday – Dynamic Duo day (be your favorite dynamic duo with a friend, ie. Sponge Bob and Patrick, etc.)
Saturday – Section day (wear your section colors, if you don’t know what it is ask your section leader!)

Who’s your section leader/leadership?  Here ya go:

MWB Leadership Team:
Band Captain: Kristen Strychalski
Lieutenant Band Captain: James Wall
Drum Majors: Stefie Pishock, Amanda Masut, Alex Massiah
High Brass Section Leaders: Nicholas Polvony and Danny Corn
Clarinet Section Leaders: Michael Meloy and Jenna Whitney
Flute Section Leader: Carli Wiltse
Low Brass Section Leader: Jared Kottke
Saxophone Section Leader: McCrea Weller
Pit Captain: Rebekah Koutereba
Spirit Captains: Emily Holley, Marcus Smith
Quartermasters: Dylan Jerrels, Brandon Vegera, Nathaniel Nester
Guard Captain: Allie Pishock
Guard Co-Captains: Sam Masut, Bri Hill
Guard Resource Manager: Amanda Yurich
Librarians: Elizabeth Adair, Tiffany Froude, Leah Gallo
Historian: Grace Holloway

Band camp means long days, but dressing up like batman makes it a lot more fun!

BUT!!  You will need athletic shoes for marching basics! Do NOT show up in flip flops, flat bottomed shoes, Sperrys, barefooted, etc..

See you there in your SPIRIT!!


What do I need for Band Camp?

Hello everyone! As band camp and the new school year are approaching there are some things that need to addressed:

  1. Everyone must have a Camelbak water pack to bring with you on the first day of band camp and to every marching band rehearsal there on. You can find these in the camping section of Wal-Mart for about $20-$30. There will be minimal water breaks during rehearsals because every student’s Camelbak will provide adequate hydration for a long period of time. There is a photo of a version of the Camelbak hydration pack attached below.
  2. The Qzar outing is scheduled for August 8th and we would really love to see all old and new members there… As well as some fun band parents! (Which all of you are!) It’ll be a great time and you even might have the chance to shoot Ms. Conte with a laser gun!!
  3. Forms need to be turned in ASAP! The collection will be started on the first day of band camp and will be accepted NO LATER than August 28th. The list of forms needed to be turned in can be found in the Charms handout section under the file name “Forms Checklist 2015”. All forms listed are available on the handout section of Charms. Again, as a courtesy to Ms. Conte’s sanity, PLEASE TURN THESE IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We do not want to hunt you down.
  4. Everyone needs to RSVP through Charms and have paid for band camp by August 1st. This is BY TOMORROW!! If you have any questions on how to RSVP or pay please email our Booster President, Ann Adair at
  5. Every student is required to bring in a case (or as many cases as you want) of water to donate for the marching band season. We need to keep our band and volunteers hydrated during games so please bring in your case as soon as possible!

This season is going to be awesome guys! Let’s get off to a great start by checking all of these things off of our lists! ROCK ON!

Stefie Pishock – Drum Major


Q-ZAR Event

Come and meet your fellow band members for our annual games of laser tag! Stay as long as you want, play as many games as you want, and get the chance to beat Ms. Conte! 😉

**Wristbands are around $20, but there is a Groupon out right now with good discounts if you’re not looking to play as many games.**

When?  Saturday, August 8 at 7:00pm

Where?  QZAR Tampa, 7807 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida 33612

NOTE FROM MS. CONTE:  The Qzar event is a great opportunity for band members to gather and reconnect. It is also our first mixer with our new members. Apparently many do not have FB, so I am concerned they won’t know how important this event is for them. Please spread the word. Also, whichever section has the highest number in attendance will be graced with me on their team…you know the one that WINS! There will be no mercy, no one will be spared!


Time for FORMS!

Good morning MWB parents and students!

Time to start getting everything ready for the new year – and that includes FORMS!

You can now find all the REQUIRED FORMS for the new year in CHARMS as of today!

Some of these forms must be NOTARIZED and, lucky us, our very own Booster President, Ann Adair, will be at the first day of BAND CAMP and able to notarize for us!

So, go into CHARMS, go to HANDOUTS AND FILES, first print out FORMS CHECKLIST 2015, follow the list and print out all the rest of the forms on that list and BRING TO BAND CAMP!

Also, for anyone wishing to volunteer, the required Serve Form for Hillsborough County is there for parents to print, complete and Ann can notarize for you as well. See how organized we are??

Let’s start out this new year ahead of the game – BRING YOUR FORMS TO BAND CAMP!!

Any questions? Email me at

Let’s go MWB!!
Traci Alger (student – Daniel Wade)

Volunteers needed!

Calling all Band Parents!

Our upcoming band camp is swiftly approaching and with that comes some volunteer needs!  We are in need of some loving, giving parents to help with the most important part of their day – LUNCH!  Volunteers will need to be there from 11am to 1pm.  Our volunteer coordinator, Ivana Vergara, has already placed the needed spots into Charms (and if you haven’t set up your Charms account, NOW is the time!).  So, if you have the time available, we need you!

She has also set up spots (ALREADY! yikes!) for our first game – so check those out as well!  Get ready, set, GO!

Any questions on how and where to volunteer, feel free to contact her at or her cell phone number is 813-767-1715.

Looking forward to a FANTASTIC year!

Traci Alger

Attention New Students for 2015-16

Greetings and welcome to the Steinbrenner High School Band Program! We are so happy to have you join us!

It is critical that you set up your account in Charms so we can contact you and your parents with the latest information about band activities.

  1. Go to
  2. Select ENTER/LOGIN in the upper right corner
  3. Select PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS from the drop down menu
  4. Your school code is SteinbrennerHSBand
  5. Your student’s ID is designed like this: DoeJ for Jane Doe
  6. If you do not have a student ID, please contact us right away and we will set that up. Send an email with your name, grade, and instrument to
  7. Select the Student Info icon (second from the left)
  8. You should change your password right away to something you can remember and is secure. It is advisable to include a capital letter, a number, and a symbol in your new password.
  9. After changing your password, go to Personal Information. It is critical that this information is accurate. We need you to enter/confirm your home mailing address, phone numbers, email address, and add at least one of your adults to your account using the Add Adult button. This is how we communicate with you and your family effectively.
  10. Feel free to take a tour of Charms and check out the calendar, forms, finances, and anything else that catches your eye.
  11. You will need to visit the Finances area to pay for band camp ($60) and any other fees associated with your participation in band. Staying on top of this helps us to meet our budget and pay for expenses the band needs to operate.

If you have any issues getting into Charms, please contact Ann Adair at and I will get you situated!

Let’s rock and roll!



Band Camp Info

School’s out for summer, but it’s time to start planning for band camp!

Percussion Camp:
August 4-6, noon-4pm

Band Camp (including percussion):
August 10-13, 9am-5pm and August 15, 9am-2pm

Band Family Picnic and Mandatory Parent Meeting:
August 15, noon-2pm

Registration will be up soon!