Band Camp drop off / parking


Turn into the front entrance of the school and proceed to the Bus Circle.

If you have already paid for band camp ($60), ALL of your forms are complete (please check the list found in Charms to confirm) AND the health form is notarized, you will simply drive through the designated check-in area, drop off your forms, your student, and 1 case of water (or $10).

If any of those things are incomplete, you will park in the bus circle and come to the registration tent to complete forms / pay for band camp / get health form notarized, and turn in / buy water for $10.

Only staff and parent volunteers may park in the red zone. Students who are driving themselves to band camp may park in the blue areas.

Parent Volunteers: Please report to the Patio/Volunteer HQ on time. This week, we will be serving approximately 700 people each day. Please park in the red zone. If you have any questions before then, contact Ivana Vergara, our volunteer coordinator, before your scheduled time.

Let’s get EXCITED! Band camp is HERE!!! Go MWB!

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