Time to sign up for SPRING MULCH!!!

Band/Legends & Parents,

We really need your help with our biggest fundraiser of the year, the mulch sale. This is our best chance to raise money for the entire band!  Selling 30 bags of mulch equals roughly 1 point – so this is a great way to knock all of your required points out!

Order form packets will be distributed at the canvassing opportunities this weekend and on Monday at school.

We expect to have all band members (instruments & guard) to participate!  Parents are also needed to drive the kids to neighborhoods to canvass door to door (3+ kids/car).

When:  Saturday, March 5th
Time:  9:30AM –  12:30PM
Where:  Meet in Bus Circle

When:  Sunday, March 6th
Time:  1:30PM – 4:30PM
Where:  Meet in the Teacher Parking Lot


  •     Each student bring a pen, clip board (if available), a bottle of water and be dressed in Practice Uniform (band shirt & shorts)
  •     Parent volunteers signing up will be responsible for driving students around neighborhoods to gather mulch sales.  **The drivers will need to have a Serve form on file.  If you haven’t filled it out yet you’ll find it on Charms under ‘Handouts’**
  •     Parent drivers need to bring an empty cooler in their car to keep water in.


See you there!


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