What do I need for Band Camp?

Hello everyone! As band camp and the new school year are approaching there are some things that need to addressed:

  1. Everyone must have a Camelbak water pack to bring with you on the first day of band camp and to every marching band rehearsal there on. You can find these in the camping section of Wal-Mart for about $20-$30. There will be minimal water breaks during rehearsals because every student’s Camelbak will provide adequate hydration for a long period of time. There is a photo of a version of the Camelbak hydration pack attached below.
  2. The Qzar outing is scheduled for August 8th and we would really love to see all old and new members there… As well as some fun band parents! (Which all of you are!) It’ll be a great time and you even might have the chance to shoot Ms. Conte with a laser gun!!
  3. Forms need to be turned in ASAP! The collection will be started on the first day of band camp and will be accepted NO LATER than August 28th. The list of forms needed to be turned in can be found in the Charms handout section under the file name “Forms Checklist 2015”. All forms listed are available on the handout section of Charms. Again, as a courtesy to Ms. Conte’s sanity, PLEASE TURN THESE IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We do not want to hunt you down.
  4. Everyone needs to RSVP through Charms and have paid for band camp by August 1st. This is BY TOMORROW!! If you have any questions on how to RSVP or pay please email our Booster President, Ann Adair at annadair@gmail.com.
  5. Every student is required to bring in a case (or as many cases as you want) of water to donate for the marching band season. We need to keep our band and volunteers hydrated during games so please bring in your case as soon as possible!

This season is going to be awesome guys! Let’s get off to a great start by checking all of these things off of our lists! ROCK ON!

Stefie Pishock – Drum Major


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